To Order Voorheesville Prom Pictures:

1.  Download a copy of the 2017 Order Form

 ***FOR THOSE ASKING, BONUS PACKAGES (D-G) CAN BE A DIFFERENT POSE THAN PRIMARY PACKAGE (A-C).  Form is being modified to make that clear***

2.  Complete the form and submit payment (payable to LL Photography) to:    

                                                                              Lance Luther Photography

                                                                              181 Georgetown Court

                                                                              Voorheesville, NY 12186


     Follow the link to the "Contact" page and submit your order.  If you are placing an                order, simply type "order" in the subject field and provide the name of the student and          the Package(s) in the message field (you may also include photo number from gallery, if      known).  An invoice for PayPal will be sent to your email.  


3.  Photos may be reviewed, when available, by following the link to the right.  If you              would like to select a particular pose(s) for your order, please make a selection and              contact me via "Contact" page by June 23, 2017.  Otherwise, poses will be selected              based upon photographer’s discretion.

4.  If you have further questions, please use the "Contact" page for additional information.